Pamela Anderson Completely Wasted At A French Club

It seems that Pamela Anderson definitely hasn’t put her party ways behind her as of yet. She was asked to host a party in the VIP Room in Saint-Tropez, France and gets completely wasted herself. Anderson can be seen only wearing her signature men’s white button down shirt and nothing else. It was said she only got up to dance to certain songs and when she wasn’t dancing she was taking back drinks after drinks.

(Image via Flynet)

Current Celebrity Actors

Dude celebs are consistently assumed to be built and look totally good looking.  The better looking they are the most girl supporters they can have and everybody knows that woman fans will buy and do anything for them. These men are constantly in the lime light and have their relationships and much more talked about. They have to make sure that their charisma is consistently on point and to keep their girl supporters entertained. Besides from looking attractive these men are very talented and take pride in their work. Here is a mini list of The Most Attractive Male Stars Of 2012:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio

2. Christian Bale

3. Ian Somerhalder

4. Taylor Lautner

5. Ryan Phillippe

Of course there are lots of other male celebs that could have made this list, but for right now these are our most loved celebs. They are simply good looking to look at and several females like their movies or music. Do not forget to keep visiting for more hot celeb articles.

Top 5 Odd Celeb Partners Of All Time

Failed Celeb Couples

Celebs frequently shift around boyfriends and girlfriends as much as they change their underwear. Very little last for a little while before breaking it off, while a few are an absolute failure straight
from the beginning. Partnerships should be looked at definitely sincere, but for some unknown logic several actors and actresses don’t or they get into these weird partnerships that is absolutely no good from the get go. Below are the Top Five Weird Celebrity Couples Of All Time:

1. Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley

2. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt

3. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

4. Paris Hilton and Nick Carter

5. Halle Berry and Eric Benet

This mini list of star companionships have done one or the other such as slept around with multiple people, physically abused and so much more to one another. These are the most crazy relationships the world of famous people has been exposed to and I am sure there are plenty more hardcore partners to expose themselves. Lets hope in the near future entertainers will pick their spouses more sensibly.