Actress Brooke Shields Looks Stunning In Scarves

Certain celebrities absolutely look horrible with age and they let their fashion sense go, but for Brooke Shields that is not the case. The actress dresses her age, but in amazing style. She even pulled off the double scarf look with ease and looked absolutely fabulous while she walked through the LAX airport. Continue on to read about Ciara’s Blonde Hair Looks Grimy and Dull as you don’t want to miss this.

Lea Michele Involved in Car Accident

Lea Michele is best known for playing Rachel Berryon the hit television series, “Glee.” However, the 24-year-old can’t seem to stay safe on the streets Los Angeles. Lea’s representative just released a statement saying that the actress was hit by a car while driving home from filming in L.A., early Friday morning.

Lea Michele frequently talks about getting into a car accident while driving to her Glee audition. She has said, “I hear you have to crash your car once in California before you can be initiated as a true LA resident.” I guess this makes her a California native. Some reports say that she was struck by “a couple of drunk girls.”

Lea Michele Hit in Car Crash by Drunks

Glee star Lea Michele was involved in a car crash on the morning of March 24th. Reportedly, the accident took place at
2 a.m. while Lea Michele was returning from the set of Glee. Also alleged, the car crash was the cause of two drunk, young females that hit Lea Michele, got out of the cars, commented about her fame, then got back into their vehicle and left the scene. According to a Glee rep, “She was not injured and is fine.” We’re sure that for all Lea Michele and Glee fans, that is a big relief.