“Cougar Town” Actress- Courteney Cox Looks Scary While Shopping In Brentwood

Cougar Town” actress- Courteney Cox looked simply scary while on a shopping spree in Brentwood. The actress has gone completely ballistic with cosmetic procedures on her face and she simply looks scary and unnatural. The once pretty brunette doesn’t even look like what she once did. Courtney Cox ruined her face. Meanwhile her estranged husband, David Arquette who gave up on trying to get her back is dating a young brunette beauty that kidn of resembles Courtney Cox in the good old days.

Naturally, she wasn’t going to remain looking 30 forever, but she could have been more subtle about the work done to her face or simply age naturally like stars such as Demi Moore and Meryl Streep.

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Actress Brooke Shields Looks Stunning In Scarves

Certain celebrities absolutely look horrible with age and they let their fashion sense go, but for Brooke Shields that is not the case. The actress dresses her age, but in amazing style. She even pulled off the double scarf look with ease and looked absolutely fabulous while she walked through the LAX airport. Continue on to read about Ciara’s Blonde Hair Looks Grimy and Dull as you don’t want to miss this.

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“Thor: The Dark World” Actors Chris Hemsworth & Jaimie Alexander On Set

“Thor: The Dark World” is scheduled to be released some time in 2013 and Chris Hemsworth and Jaimie Alexander are busy on set filming fighting scenes. Alexander will be playing Sif, who is the goddess of Asgard and Hemsworth will be reprising his role as Thor. There will be tons of action going on in this film as well as love interests. Natalie Portman is said to be starring in the film as well as Jane Foster. Don’t forget to get the latest info of Hunky Captain America Actor Chris Evans.

Sexy Russian Model-Irina Shayk Goes On A Shopping Trip To Paris

Super sexy, Russian model- Irina Shayk was spotted in Paris on a grand shopping spree. Irina Shayk was carrying a bunch of bags from her extravagant shopping spree. One of the bags is from Chanel Paris. I guess, this is what the cat walk beauty likes to do on her spare time. If you’re a fan of the gorgeous and superbly sexy model you can follow her on Twitter on- @theirishayk.

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Lea Michele Calls Her Breasts ‘My Prizewinners’ If This Isn’t A Humble

Pictures of Lea Michele

Everyone has seen a picture show starring Lea Michele. Most guys think her calves are gorgeous.. Get all the Lea Michele information here on Lea Michele.

Lea Michele Calls Her Breasts ‘My Prizewinners’ If this isn’t a humble brag, we don’t know what is. Glee star Lea Michele opened up about her best assets in the January issue of Marie Claire – and she wasn’t shy about sharing her adoration for her breasts. “These babies are great,” the 26-year-old said. “They are my prizewinners.” “For a while they were…Read more» [link]

Lea Michele
Lea Michele
Lea Michele

Lea Michele Cutely Sips On Green Goo In WeHo

Lea Michele
Lea Michele
Lea Michele
Lea Michele
Lea Michele
Lea Michele

Michele stars in the Fox television series Glee, where she plays the now-graduated star singer of a high school glee club, Rachel Berry. Michele is the featured lead singer in 14 of the top 25 selling Glee songs as of Feb. Also as of Feb.

Lea Michele Cutely Sips On Green Goo in WeHo! Aw Lea Michele, you never fail to look flawless, even when casually strolling around West Hollywood, sipping on some neon green liquid (above)!Glee’s golden girl was snapped in a WeHo parking lot, looking super cute in distressed, jean cut offs and a snuggly, oversized black sweater.But we’ve got to wonder, what’s in that grass-colored shake [...] [link]